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You CAN Live A Life Of Abundance, Joy, Confidence And Happiness. ...And I'll Tell You How!

Hey! I want to invite you to something that I found has shown to become one of the most effective ways of creating a lasting personal transformation. 

First let's get one thing straight...

Throughout my 8 years as a professional lifestyle coach going through countless of programs, workshops, books and everything I could get my hands on, there is one single thing I've seen have had the most impact when it comes to overall increased happiness and fulfilment... 

And that is a true, legit awakening insight. You might call it a shift in consciousness, a raise of awareness or just a big aha-moment... 

Those moments you see something that resonates with you. You see something real from a new angle that rings true to you...

And behold! Your whole life changes from that point. 

In this Inner Circle Mastermind I've decided to name "This Is It", I'll be constantly pointing in the direction of life-altering insights.

 As a member, you'll be having conversations with me - both in groups and 1-on-1's making sure you continue your paradigm-shifting journey to increase your happiness, well-being and strengthen your "inner-game". 

Said in other words, you'll be constantly grounding your understanding of your inborn potential (Which is KEY)

...and that results in an ongoing transformational journey constantly improving your quality of life. 

You start seeing things for what they really are.

You automatically start dodging depressive thoughts like Neo dodges bullets. 

You're gonna notice your awareness constantly focusing on the positive, lovely and useful aspects of your day-to-day circumstances - without you having to do anything.

No joke.

You end up in a rich, resourceful, giving and abundant state of being.

And it only gets better. 

While on this journey together, you'll see more and more aspects of your personality bloom to life! 

Although a cliché, it's true that we really only have the present moment. In essence, moments are all we have. So looking at the facts, the only thing that will result in an increased quality of life is enriching your present moment. This mastermind will help you do exactly that. 

In other words  ...give you a feeling of presence.  

You CAN live a life of abundance, joy, confidence and happiness. And I'll tell you how...

I'm looking for 5 individuals who's ready and crave a better quality of life.

Here's the scoop:
  • 8-Week Inner Circle Mastermind! - Every week we'll meet online and I'll guide our group through understanding some facts underlying human psychology. We'll share stories, experiences and insights, and constantly point to the spiritual nature of life. Looking in this direction and being in this conversation will have you constantly ground your understanding of our mind(s) - which again results in more ease, peace and Mr. Freeze ;) <3
  • 1-on-1 Laser Coaching - Get my undivided attention to discuss your personal endeavours, challenges and other sticking points you want to overcome.  I've seen tremendous results during these sessions. As we will connect from the heart, get to know each other and properly go through whatever shows up in the moment for you. Look forward to this one! 
  • BONUS: 4 FULL weeks accountability follow-up - By joining this premiere, you'll get 4 additional weeks of close follow-up to keep the momentum going and give you a continual space for reflection and divine connection (NOTE: this special offer is only available to the first 3 accepted clients).
Get Excited For January 1st!

Sign up for the "THIS IS IT" Inner Circle Mastermind TODAY and shift your mind inside-out as you'll discover the endless possibilities of this new paradigm of understanding!

Getting started is super-easy;

  • 1. Click the button below. You'll be sent to a registration page.  
  • 2. Fill in your payment card information (100% secure. All major credit cards accepted).  
  • 3. A confirmation-email will be sent to your inbox. You're in!

Click on the big, blue button below to get in on this opportunity before it's too late! 


This Special Offer Expires New Years Eve!

- this is it -
One time Investment
  • 2 month Inner Circle Mastermind 
  • 8 Private 1-on-1 Sessions
  • 1-month follow-up 

- this is it -
Three Month Payment Plan
  • 2 month Inner Circle Mastermind 
  • 8 Private 1-on-1 Sessions
  • 1-month follow-up 


I have always been a thinker, and overthinking was a specialty of mine. Sometimes I still do. However, with this understanding, many of the things I thought were problems in life, just fall away. I can be arguing with my girlfriend, then remember that it's only my thinking, and then we reconnect, and the arguing stops. I can be out and about, and see/meet some people, and before, I might have been too scared to talk to them, but now, conversations flow naturally. I generally just have a lot more fun, and start smiling and laughing for no apparent reasons. I can feel more deeply. When I'm sad, it doesn't last long. It just autocorrects itself. I don't have to DO anything about it. When you don't overthink, but just do thins that seem right, life gets a lot more exciting! Morten has helped me a lot over the years. I had just become interested in self-development at the time, and he took me for a wild ride. One of the things that struck me about him, is that he really cares. He's always been there for me, first as a coach, and later as a friend, and he always seem to know what to say. If clarity resonates with you in ANY way, I hope you will give Morten a chance. I can guarantee that when you start to "get" this(it isn't really getting it, just remembering what we knew as kids), life will be both much easier, and a lot more fun. Things I thought were huge obstacles before, like "Do they like me", "Is saying this stupid?", "I can't talk to that girl" etc, just falls away. Understanding this has been invaluable for me, and I hope it will be for you too.

- Remi Solvang

I had a profound session with Morten. He has a really deep understanding of the principles and a unique refreshing style of facilitation. He brings a lot of energy into the sessions which on me had an almost hypnotic effect, and I could feel an immediate shift with some interesting after-effects. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend him. Thank you, Morten

- Romana Anna Nova

I’m someone who is looking to make a global impact through sharing my various proclivities, talents, and connect with like minded individuals. Sharing this with Morten pulled these dreams from the clouds and changed them into a real world, workable plans of action. Not only did I gain a new friend but received valuable knowledge on how to grow my own tribe and where following your passion will get you. This guy is passionate about what he does, and it was infections! I appreciate your time and your wisdom Morten, and look forward to future encounters!

- J.A. 
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